How to Use Double Exposure for iPhone

Get started using Double Exposure for iPhone with this quick and easy tutorial.

Double Exposure iOS
3 min readApr 25, 2016

What is Double Exposure?

Double exposure is the superimposing of multiple photos on a single photo frame.

The technique dates back to the days of film and was later introduced to high end DSLR cameras.

Today, you can shoot double exposures on your iPhone with Double Exposure for iPhone.

Keep reading to find out how!

An in-camera double exposure shot with Double Exposure for iPhone.

How to Shoot a Double Exposure

Shoot an in-camera double exposure with the following steps.

  1. Get ready to take your first photo.
  2. Make any adjustments you need to your settings.
  3. Snap your first photo by pressing the small shutter.
  4. Get ready to take your second photo.
  5. Adjust your settings.
  6. Snap your second photo by pressing the large shutter and your completed double exposure will be saved to your photo library.
An example of an in-camera double exposure.

Using Photos From Your Library

In addition to using your camera, Double Exposure lets you use photos from your library.

  1. Select your photo from your library.
  2. Load your photo into your double exposure by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Make any adjustments you need to your settings. At this point, you can also pinch to scale, drag to move and twist to rotate.
  4. Superimpose your photo to your double exposure by pressing the small shutter, or press the large shutter to superimpose and save to your library.
This is a triple exposure using 3 library photos. To shoot a triple exposure, use the small shutter twice then the large shutter once.

Applying Filters

Double Exposure offers dozens of real-time filters.

Dozens of real-time filters.

Filter Modes

Filters can be applied at the end of your double exposure, or to each photo individually.

Try changing the filter mode to apply a filter to each photo in your double exposure.

Orientation Matters

Sometimes, you might want to shoot a photo upside down. Double Exposure saves your completed photos in the orientation of the first photo you take.

The different device orientations and the orientations of the saved photos.

Download Double Exposure

Download Double Exposure on the App Store and get started today!

All photos in this tutorial were shot using Double Exposure by Mark Binks Photography.